Friday, 9 March 2007

Heart lifeline linked to your mobile

DAILY MAIL March 9, 2007

By Matthew Kalman

A DEVICE enabling heart patients to be monitored via their mobile phone was being hailed last night as a potential lifesaver.

It is a portable electrocardiograph machine, so small that it can be used in the home, in the car or on holiday.

But crucially it can also be linked to a mobile to send real-time pictures of the heart's performance to a doctor anywhere in the world.

Erez Alroy, head of Shahal, the Israeli company behind the Cardio-Sen-C, said it would make taking an ECG as easy as taking your temperature.

The unit is connected to a dedicated medical control centre which can switch it on and off by remote control. Patients who suffer from heart disease, or are recovering from bypass surgery, or simply feel they are at risk, would be able to measure their heart activity at any time without travelling to hospital.

Digital transmission ensures the highest quality monitoring.

'We believe in the future more and more people will have various medical measuring devices at home,' said Mr Alroy. 'When people don't feel well, it can take time to make the decision to go to a physician or a clinic.

'Maybe they put it off until the next day. This is crucial time, when there can be irreversible damage to the heart muscle.'

It will also benefit heart patients who are wary of going on holiday for fear of being too far away from a doctor or clinic to measure their condition.

'We have customers who are transmitting their ECG from any part of the world you can imagine,' said Mr Alroy.

'Most people hesitate before going to a local doctor abroad. They are worried about problems with the language, about the lack of medical history.

'We find that people prefer to call the centre back home, where they can speak their own language and then take instructions.'

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