Wednesday, 21 November 2012

After 8 days, the Israeli Foreign Ministry springs into action - just in time for the conflict to end

Opening of Israel Government Press Office Center in Ashkelon

(Communicated by the GPO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

The Government Press Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have, today (Wednesday, 21 November 2012), opened a press center in Ashkelon in order to better assist the international and Israeli press in covering Operation Pillar of Defense from southern Israel.

The press center is currently open and will operate from the lobby of the Holiday Inn Ashkelon<> (9 Yekutiel Adam St.; see link for map & directions) daily and until the end of hostilities, 24 hours a day.

The press center will organize daily briefings, press tours, provide current information updates and is here to respond to press requests. The center may be contacted at 08-6748802<>.

Representatives at the press center include:

Nitzan Chen, Government Press Office Director, 050-6236213

Akiva Tor, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 050-6203968

Miri Belisha, Government Press Office, 050-6205402.

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David Driver said...

Sitting in London, as I do, it seems international opinion and diplomatic pressure have a significant influence on some important decisions of the Government of Israel. It never ceases to amaze me how terrible the Government of Israel is at getting its own message out. I wonder if it is a deliberate policy as it's hared to understand any other way.